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Something needs to be done…

Five-year-old Josh Martin of Naperville was playing with his 8-year-old brother during a family trip to a Lowe’s improvement store. Josh ended up trapped in one of the store’s display safes. It appears that it was not the first incident that the child was endangered when playing with display safes in Lowe’s stores.

“Something needs to be done, I want to see the safes secured” – says Josh’s mother. She is right, exactly two percent right. She should be reported to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services as a neglecting mother.

The stores, Lowe’s or any other store, are not children’s playground. They are not designed for this purpose, and stores do not have personnel to monitor children running along the aisles. The stores are public places and it is the responsibility of a parent or a guardian to have children under continuous supervision.

Josh stayed locked in the safe for fifteen minutes, and they are lucky that this was the only distress they experienced. When playing unsupervised in the store, Josh could drink Windex, eat rat poison or be given candies by a child molester.

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