Many tell us what to think. I ask my readers to be skeptical. Question me and others.


Ask your doctor is (fill the blank) is good for you

TV is full of one-minute tutorials on many medical conditions. Every lecture ends with a suggestion: “ask your doctor if (fill the blank) is good for you”. Health is precious to every person, and emotions easily prevail over reason. TV commercials appeal to our feelings and try to sell to us a magic pill, which our doctor might have overlooked. My doctor spent long years in medical school and she continuously upgrades her knowledge. She is an expert that I trust. If, after one minute evening class, I would feel a need to ask her if (fill the blank) is good for me, it would mean that I do not trust her anymore. She would not be my doctor then. Freedom, that Americans value so much, means also that nonsense has the same right to propagate as wisdom does. There are so many commercials about drugs – likely, they work well for pharmaceutical companies. It means that meaningful number of Americans values more one-minute TV education over long years in the medical school. In other words, feelings govern a reason.

Less fight more work


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